Photos of 50 brides before and after the wedding

Photos of 50 brides before and after the wedding

Brides before and after makeup

Resmen Dolandırıcılık: Gelinlerin Makyajdan Önce ve Sonraki Halleri

With makeup, most people change.

With makeup, most people change. Bride makeup, on the other hand, can completely change a person because it requires much more care than évident makeup. Photos of these brides were taken before and after makeup. Groom sorry: you’VE been conned


On the wedding day, every bride wants to look beautiful and feel special. All women have the right to look like princesses in their wedding dresses, hair and makeup. Before and after the wedding makeup work of Kosovo makeup artist Arber Bytyqi, who specializes in dramatic looks, the photos are really incredible. Don’t forget to check out our Mirror story.

A make-up artist known for completely swapping brides for their special day has shared before and after photos of their change.

rber Bytyqi does almost 100 bride makeovers a year and puts a lot of effort into one unique look

Some brides decide to look similar to what they are in their daily lives, so that they feel more like themselves.


But others are using this opportunity to try completely new things.


The first question I ask when I meet my clients is what kind of special day they get their makeup done.”Arber says.


Alber always wants to see the dress they’re going to wear before they start making up, so that the makeup and the dress complement each other beautifully.


Arber also said, ” I also ask my clients if they have any special requests. For example, I ask first if they want a dramatic look or natural makeup.”he says.


More than 271 thousand followers of Arber can’t hide their surprise in the face of this work!

Among the comments coming are those who like makeup very much, as well as those who say that brides are more beautiful without makeup.

“I also want to see her dresses because the model and details of the dress help me understand my clients’ styles. Then I analyze the facial features.”


Makeup is like a kind of jewelry developed for the face. Play freely with colors and shapes. Don’t be afraid to change yourself. At the end of the day, you can clean it anyway.


Obviously, there has been a significant change.

Obviously, there has been a significant change.


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