home decoration examples and ideas

home decoration examples and ideas

In our article, with the help of home decoration examples, we will offer home decoration ideas that will help you with color harmony in decoration and where to use which items.

Examples of home decoration that we will choose; living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and children’s room will consist of visuals from almost every room. We will support these examples with decoration suggestions.


Examples and recommendations of Hall decoration

Every Home Wants A Stylish Lounge Decoration
In the hall, you can inflate the wall with gypsum boards to close the columns and beams and get niches.

You can paint the interior of the niches in different colors, observing the color harmony in your room, as well as cover them with natural stones.

💡 You can support niches that you paint in different colors or cover with natural stones with spot and led lighting.

Salon Dekorasyonu Doğal Taş Uygulaması 1-fotoğraf Christen Ales Interior Design-look for living room pictures

Salon decoration natural stone Application 2-Photo by UNIT DESIGN STUDIO L & T – Look for living room pictures

Living Room Decoration natural stone application 3-Photo by Студия алены чашкиной-more living room photos

For new home decoration ideas that have attracted attention recently;

You can add depth to the space by using 3-dimensional wall panels on the hall wall.

3D Wall Panels

Color Harmony Is Important
With pillows and swallows, you can achieve color harmony by selecting the curtain, ambient trinkets or lampshades in the same color or patterns.

Yastık pillow and kirlent models to add color to Salon decoration; you can find it in our article


Blue, Yesil, pink and purple colors have relaxing, relaxing properties

✔️ As in the decoration example below, powder pink berjer, swallents, accessories and light blue table add a relaxing air to the environment and create color harmony.

Salon decoration with relaxing colors-Photo by Tara Benet Design – Discover Living room Design inspiration

⭐ ️ You can see the color harmony of lilac, blue and copper tones in the decoration example below.

In the hall, you can paint a wall in a different color than other walls and create a pleasant image.

Yaşıyorsanız if you are experiencing ambivalence about wall color selection; you can review our article.

Farklı Renk ile ön çıkartılan Duvar Örnek 1-fotoğraf Nicolas Corazzari Architecte d’intérieur-oturma odası tasarım fikirleri Ara

Complementary Decorative Accessories
Do not forget that using accessories such as tables and watches on your walls is a complementary element in home decoration.

Ilgili related to accessory placement; you can look at our article.

Example 2-Photo by HouseIt-Look for living room design inspiration

In addition to the lamps and lampshades that will be used in the hall, you can get a stylish and modern look, as well as auxiliary lighting.

Şık for the most stylish lambader models and uses; you can look at our article.

Use of Living Room Decoration Lambader and lampshade example 1 – User Photo-view living room photos



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