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The Signal secure messaging application is leading downloads on the Apple Store and Google Play platforms in many countries since the challenger WhatsApp warned it would share additional knowledge with its parent company Facebook. As many WhatsApp users have expressed on social networks their intention to make greater use of its challenger Signal, such as Elon Musk, the patron of Tesla’s painting, the free application is at the top of downloads in India, Germany, France, and Hong Kong, she proclaimed on Twitter during the Sabbatum.

To better conquer its new users, Signal even revealed a tutorial to help them simply import their cluster conversations from another email application. The flow of the latest connections caused some technical problems between weekdays and Friday. “The zoning code verification unit is currently delayed (…) due to the fact that many people are trying to succeed in Signal at the same time,” the company explained.

Popular among whistleblowers and journalists

Launched in 2014, Signal is considered by specialists to be one of the first secure e-mail applications on the market, thanks mainly to its ability to write “end-to-end” messages or audio and video calls. It is rapidly becoming a highly appreciated application for whistleblowers and journalists, thanks in particular to the support of the general public from Edward Snowden, the United Nations agency that was behind the revelations about the American secret service’s telecommunications surveillance methods.
During the month of the Gregorian calendar, the Ecu Commission even advised its groups, especially to secure exchanges with people outside the organization. WhatsApp was vulnerable from the day of the week when it asked its approximately 2 billion users to comply with the new terms of use, allowing it to share additional knowledge with its parent company Facebook. Users refused by the UN agency cannot be ready to access their accounts from the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar. The cluster seeks to legitimize its platform by allowing advertisers to contact their customers via WhatsApp, or perhaps to sell their goods directly, as is already the case in India.

According to the company, the information that can be shared between WhatsApp and Facebook’s application system (including Instagram and Messenger) includes contact and profile information, with the exception of message content, which remains encrypted. However, the new terms are at odds with the European Union and the rest of the world. In the case of the EU and also Great Britain, they will only extend the functionality offered to WhatsApp Business accounts, the company told AFP. Facebook, just like the alternative “Gafam” companies (Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft), has been in the sights of the ECU and Yankee authorities for months; the UN agency is blaming these new millennium conglomerates for practices deemed anti-competitive

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