Being a digital influencer is a full-time job

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An influencer is one of the new professions that have emerged with the advent of digital technology and especially social networks. Indeed, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and especially Instagram are the playground of this profession. The mission of influencers? They must create, cultivate and grow an online community that is as large as possible – or as well targeted as possible – to which they will distribute photos, videos, and other messages to build loyalty.
Influencers derive their revenue from paid partnerships with brands, which they promote on their social networks. Subscribers and other followers, seeing their idol use this or that product, will, in turn, want to use it… and get their hands on the wallet. It’s this game of influence that attracts advertisers, who increasingly call on these Internet stars to distribute their merchandise.
There are several types of influencers: first of all, celebrities, who seek to increase their notoriety and promote their image, but also complete strangers who become real public figures by having been spotted on the net. Influencers can act in a wide variety of fields: on Instagram, you can see fashion and beauty influencers blooming, who will be paid by clothing or cosmetic brands. But you can also be an influencer in cooking, decoration, photography, do-it-yourself… On social networks, anything goes!

Characteristics, salary, and career prospects
The contours of this recent and not perfectly defined profession are still very blurred, and it is not yet a recognized profession as such: influencers are generally self-employed, their activity is specific to each one and varies from one person to another. Often, except for the most famous among them, influencers have another profession outside their activity on social networks, which does not always allow them to live.
The income of an influencer is therefore extremely variable: some are not paid at all, others are paid in benefits and gifts offered by brands in exchange for a promotion on the networks. But influencers who have acquired good notoriety can earn a lot: Nabilla for example would earn about 2000 € per post on Instagram! For a large majority (60%), on the other hand, the payment is less than 100 € per collaboration with an advertiser.

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