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Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are the three companies with the highest value in 2020 according to the British consulting firm Kantar. The coronavirus crisis has, more than ever before, exacerbated the popularity of the e-commerce giant, Amazon, which maintains its first place in the ranking.

The Kantar firm makes the top 100 ‘most valuable’ brands in the world every year. To do so, the survey combines a host of different data, including the company’s stock market results and surveys from more than 3.8 million consumers worldwide.

This year’s ranking has been shaken by the health and economic crisis of the last 6 months. Some companies, whose future was uncertain due to national confinements, have seen their share prices fall rapidly. While others such as Instagram, Amazon or Microsoft have experienced an impressive boost.

Thus, among the brands that have gained the most value over the last 12 months, it is mainly the technology (social networks, software, etc.) and retail sectors (e-commerce and supermarkets). Containment has enabled citizens around the world to find new leisure activities that they can do from home. Netflix, Xbox, Lululemon yoga clothing and the Estée Lauder wellness group were highly acclaimed during the crisis.

The top of the ranking remains dominated by American companies. However, China is becoming more and more popular worldwide, thanks in particular to the Alibaba group, the social networks of Tencent or, more surprisingly, Maotai alcohol.

Top 10 companies with the highest value (in million dollars)
Amazon: 415,855 (+32%)
Apple: 352,206 (+ 14%)
Microsoft: 326,544 (+ 30%)
Google: 323,601 (+ 5%)
Visa: 186,809 (+ 5%)
Alibaba: 152,525 (+16%)
Tencent: 150,978 (+15%)
Facebook: 147,190 (- 7%)
McDonald’s: 129,321 (- 1%)
MasterCard: 108,129 (+ 18%)

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