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A green revolution promised by Joe Biden Faced with growing demand, and increasing public and customer awareness of the need to combat climate change, automakers are turning to non-polluting vehicles. The German Volkswagen Group plans to offer 70 electric models by 2030 and to sell 26 million units in ten years. Tesla has become the darling of the markets, convinced that the Californian group has taken a considerable lead.

In the other side, Ford manufacturer will spend more than 22 billion dollars on the production of electric vehicles by 2025. It plans to market an electric van, E-Ford Transit, at the end of the year, and an all-electric F-150 in 2022. The race for the electric car is intensifying in the United States: a week after General Motors’ ambitious gamble, Ford has responded by announcing a doubling of investment in this segment, considered to be the future of the automobile in a world faced with the challenges posed by climate change.

The giant from Dearborn, near Detroit, will now devote more than 22 billion dollars (18.4 billion euros) to the production of electric vehicles between now and 2025. An additional $7 billion (€5.8 billion) will be spent on autonomous cars, he added in a statement released as part of his annual results. The marketing of an electric van This electric poker shot is the latest from a major traditional car manufacturer in this niche currently dominated by Tesla. GM, Ford’s rival, indicated last week that it intends to stop building cars with polluting emissions by 2035, even though they still account for the vast majority of its production. This announcement was likely to accelerate a change in the sector, analysts said.

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