Jeff Bezos took back his crown as the richest man alive

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Amazon’s founder surpasses Tesla’s as one of the world’s wealthiest people. The cross chase between the two rivals is not about to stop. Crossed chase at the top of the world ranking of great fortunes.

This Tuesday, the founder of Amazon became again the richest man on the planet with a heritage of 191.2 billion dollars according to Bloomberg. It thus passes again in front of Elon Musk of a hair since the fortune of this last is estimated at 190,2 billion dollars. The boss of Tesla and Space X will thus have remained only six weeks the richest person in the world. Mainly composed of shares of his electric car company, Elon Musk’s fortune – which has very little liquidity – has suffered since the beginning of February from a slight drop in Tesla’s share price.

This Tuesday (16.02.2021), the latter fell by 2.4%, causing his boss to lose 4.6 billion dollars in the process. Yet Elon Musk was in all the blows since the beginning of the year. With tweets, he has participated in the surge of the GameStop course, the video game publisher CD Projekt, the e-commerce platform Shopify, not to mention cryptomoney such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin or the messaging application Signal. Surfing on all the trends of the moment, Musk became in a few months the Warren Buffet of the tweet. SpaceX would be worth $74 billion Conversely, Jeff Bezos decided to take a step back.

The man who created Amazon in 1994 announced in February that he would be stepping down as CEO to focus on longer-term projects. And at the end of a record year for Amazon, which saw the company achieve sales of $320 billion (+38%), Jeff Bezos took advantage of the rebound in his company’s share price in February. But the Musk/Bezos rivalry is far from over and further changes at the top of the world’s billionaire rankings can be expected. Elon Musk’s space exploration company Space X is expected to raise $850 million, according to CNBC, which would make it worth $74 billion, up from $36 billion previously.

Elon Musk owns 48% of SpaceX. For its part, Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin has become more discreet in recent months. But by leaving his position as CEO of Amazon, the billionaire intends to devote more time to it. Jeff Bezos, who used to spend a few Wednesdays a month and weekends at Blue Origin’s offices near Seattle, will spend more time on it. Objective: to send humans into space starting this summer before developing space tourism from his New Shepard rockets.

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